EBON LI is about adorning, embellishing, and alteration, with a whish to create opportunities.

EBON LI is about a love for authenticity, craftsmanship, and sustainable materials. 

EBON LI is handmade statement jewelry with different imprinted patterns. All jewellery is made with a personal and timeless design, often designed to wear and use in different ways. Long lasting materials such as solid silver and oxidized silver, gold, brass, chains and natural stones are used, always with a desire to explore and challenge its qualities. 

Inspiration is often found in different structures, patterns and surfaces, which are explored in nature, in behavior and in our society.

EBON LI wants the jewelry to embellish the wearer’s everyday life and let the accessories enhance and strengthen your own style.

Swedish jewelry designer and silversmith Pia Ebon Lindgren founded EBON LI in 2015. She has a background in the fashion industry working with fabric and textiles. During her silversmith studies she started to experiment with imprinting fabrics with different patterns on to the metals. The result was imprints that gave the hard metals an almost soft look and feel. The imprinted patterns later became the symbol for EBON LI. The EBON LI atelier and workshop is found in Stockholm.

Although a young brand EBON LI has won great success in short time. EBON LI has been present in leading fashion- and lifestyle magazines, in international and national music videos, on fashion blogs, and on TV.  In September 2016 EBON LI was awarded the prestigious title “Precious talent of the year 2016” in Sweden.