Take care of your jewelry

Handle your piece of jewelry with care. Avoid contact with water, perfume, lotions or chemicals that can damage the materials. After use please store the jewelry in a box or similar that protects the precious materials.

All stones used are natural and vary in shape and color. That’s what’s great about buying a unique piece. Bear in mind that some stones are porous and should be handled with extra care. Stones are sensitive to detergents and polishing.

The baroque keshi pearls we use are cultured sustainable pearls from Tahiti. They have the highest quality and the size, shape, quality and color are entirely determined by nature. No treatment of the pearl is undertaken from it leaves the oyster until it becomes your jewelry gem. Each pearl has its unique shape and color. Avoid contact with perfume, lotions or chemicals that can damage the precious pearls.

Jewelry with textile fabric should not be in contact with water, perfume, lotions or chemicals. And be careful not to use any polishing treatments on those pieces.

With the right care silver is a material that will continue to look beautiful year after year. Over time, small scratches and marks from everyday life will appear on the polished surface and make the silver even more beautiful.

Sometimes silver material can oxidize in contact with perfume, chemicals or other metals and will get an “antique” look from this. Some like this, but if you do not, you can use silver or metal polishing. Please follow instructions and use with care.

All EBON LI jewelry are made with precious materials such as silver 925, fine 999 silver, gold, vermeil, natural stones, pearls and silk fabrics. We use mostly recycled precious metals. All jewelry are sustainable produced.